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Elves, a proud race of warriors
Orcs, scions of Empire
Humans, upstart merchants
Dwarfs, mystics of the deep desert
Halflings of the Halfling Hives

Stat Chart

Nations & Religions

The Empire of Uruc, ancient and decadent
The Colonies of Dissent, puritain and hard
The Land of the Gods where Dwarfs pitch their tents
The Wild Weald of the Elves
The Cities of Gold along the Spice Road
The Shallow Ocean, an infinite plain of grass

The spreading, evangelistic Witchcreed
The First Mysteries studied by dwarf mystics
The Appeasements made to the many gods of the Empire
The Forgotten Religion of the elves
The Complicities of the colonies
The Code of the Riders


The Riders, lawful good mongol horsemen
The Witchguard, defenders of Witch

Main Page

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